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Minnetonka Historical Society Digital News

Volume 2 Issue 5                                                                                   April,  2019


Our April Program


Wednesday, April 17 th
Unmapped Brewery
In downtown Glen Lake


Bring your family and friends. You will
learn amazing facts about the history of our
community. We will play trivia about Glen
Lake. There are prizes to be won. See you

A Look Back in Time...

In 1857 a land grant was signed by James Buchanan giving 160 areas on the south side of Glen Lake to Mary and Robert Glen. The community and lake were thereafter called Glen Lake. 

Our community is a square mile in size.

Excelsior Blvd. was one an old Indian Trail later

called Old Yellowstone Trail as it was a route used by early pioneers traveling west.


Schools were built near baseball fields.


Chief Red Rock’s remains found in a Glen Lake hill.

Glen Lake Sanitorium was built in 1908.

What's Next


1. Be sure to come to our April program. We hope some
Kraemers come and others who are part of our history. Please tell us about your family in Glen

2. Be sure to mark your calendar for the May 7 th program of “Seven Presidents and the Medical Details of How They Died in Office”. The title alone should make you want to come…

3. This summer, we will have the new, rearranged,

exciting Museum opened on Saturdays.
We have finished the Inventory and have rediscovered 

new treasures. We will also have a guide to help you find interesting items.

4. We are looking for new board members to work with

us to improve our programming.

5. We are interested in any historical information

about our Minnetonka area. Please share your tidbits of insight with a board member at the Unmapped
Brewery on April 17 th .

6. Mark your calendar: the new date for the

Burwell Festival is Sunday, September 15 th .

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