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Minnetonka Historical Society President's Message

Greetings Members and Friends,

In our Spring 2021 Millwheel,

Happy Spring and Warmest Regards,

Jan Cook



Chuck Kloster’s gift from Dana Frear back in the 1960s

an exciting new donation - Dana Frear’s childhood wagon, which dates back to the 1890s. The wagon was offered to us by Chuck Kloster, who received it as a gift from Dana (they had a friendship in the early 1960s when Chuck lived near the Burwell House). Coincidentally, the offer of the wagon came on the same day that Curt Brown signed his agreement to rewrite Dana Frear’s manuscript. Bill also described another interesting Frear connection that happened recently when a woman named Megan Watkins Hastings and her husband Rick toured the Burwell House. Bill showed them the WW2 Burwell School scrapbooks because Megan’s mother had been a teacher and librarian at the school and had helped Dana Frear with information for his Minnetonka history manuscript. When Bill showed Megan the scrapbooks, they immediately found a picture of her mother. Megan and her two older sisters are interested in giving oral histories about the photos in the WW2 scrapbooks as well as their memories of their parents and Dana Frear.

MHS Inventory Online now!

 We began work on the project in January; the first step was transferring our collections data from our old system (PastPerfect) to

*This project has been financed in part with funds provided by the State of Minnesota from the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund through the Minnesota Historical Society. (See logo below)

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Mystery photo


Megan Watkins mother is the Kindergarten teacher standing in 1950?



Virtual Burwell House Tour?


Antique Assessment?

New Spring Social Event in May at Burwell House

Online virtual Trivia Contest

20 questions from past contest?



MHS Facebook Posts are a big hit!

MHS Board members Rick Krueger and Ian Baxter have been updating our MHS Facebook and have added a number of very popular posts.
Here is a review from Rick:



Snuffy's Drive In 1950s - 60s at NW corner of Highways 7 and 101.
The only image we have of the 7 Hi Drive-In sign across the street.

The Burwell family on a bicycle tour to Lake Minnetonka in 1898.
This photo is near the water pump where the Dairy Queen is now. 

     New Glen Lake History Presentation online
By Bill Jepson

In December of 2021 we presented a new updated History of the Glen Lake area of Minnetonka to about 40 participants at the Minnetonka City Hall.  Click here to watch the video of the new Glen Lake History presentation on the City of Minnetonka video streaming page

You can watch along with the original powerpoint slides here (for better resolution)  www.wjepson.com/glenlake


And you can read the Glen Lake Book which we based much of the presentation on here    www.wjepson.com/GlenLakeBook

orted in November, the Minnetonka Historical Society (MHS) is participating in a Heritage Partnership Grant with five other historical societies

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Minnetonka Historical Society Board

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MHS CALENDAR Spring Summer 2021

Deadline to complete the Lake Minnetonka / Arts Consulting Group survey - April 8

Town Hall Meeting Saturday, April 17 - 10 am to noon

Town Hall Meeting Monday, April 19 - 6 pm to 8 pm

Historic Burwell House Tours: Still cancelled
until further notice due to the pandemic.

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