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About Us 


The Minnetonka Historical Society is an independent, nonprofit organization founded in 1970 as the successor to the Minnetonka History Commission.  We are a nonprofit dedicated to preserving Minnetonka’s past.

Current Board of Directors

Jan Cook - President, Antique Event

Lisa Fowler - Vice President, Speakers Bureau

Stephanie Herrick - Director, Secretary, Collections 

Bill Jepson - Director, Website, Newsletters

Jim Whisler - Director, Treasurer

Rick Kruger - Director, Social Media

Ian Baxter, Director 

Wendy Houldsworth, Director, Curator, Antique Event


Our new MHS Board Group

(left to right)

Rick Kruger, Wendy Houldsworth,  Lisa Fowler, Jan Cook, Stephanie Herrick, Bill Jepson, Ian Baxter
Jim Whisler - (In old photo below, upper left) 

About Us MHS Board photo.jpg
Ian Baxter.jpg

Below is the MHS Board from around 2005 until 2019

Jim Whisler, Joe Van Sloun, Chuck Donley, Florence Bogle, Bill Jepson,
Lorena Hooyman, Dorothy Welch, Barb Mattill, Phyliss Mattill, (Nancy Powell)

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