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Recorded History Presentations

Recent Presentations about Minnetonka History !  

 Learn about the settlers who left their legacies living near the creek from Lake Harriet to Lake Minnetonka in the 19th century: Little Crow, Pond, Gray, Burwell, Loring, and King. 

Presented by Bill Jepson: City of Minnetonka Historical Society

Click the photo below to watch the presentation.

My Minnehaha History Prez.jpg
The History of Lake Minnetonka Hotels in the 19th Century.
Presented by Scott McGinnis - Local Historian
Click on picture below to watch.
Mtka Hotel.jpg
Two more recently updated presentations are below. Click the photos watch!
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Click on the video links below to watch a video stream of our presentations, courtesy of the City of Minnetonka at:

The Minnetonka Historical Society Speaker Series

In 2020 we started an exciting new series of presentations at the Senior Center at Minnetonka City Hall covering various topics about Minnetonka History. In January we started with two presentations by our past President Bill Jepson. One about the History of 19th Century Milling in Minnetonka and the other about Minnetonka through the last 60 years when they became a Village and a City. Then in 2021 he presented an update of our History of Glen Lake and also the story of Dana Frear's unpublished manuscript about the History of Minnetonka that will hopefully become a book next year!

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