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Minnetonka Historical Society Digital News

Volume 3 Issue 1                                                                                      January, 2019

Programs of Interest

Our tentative Spring Presentation

A History of the Glen Lake Area


The New Unmapped Brewery


The center of Glen Lake

You can see pictures of then and now.  We think many neighbors would love to hear about their community.  We are thin king of perhaps organizing a Trivia Event that is popular at the Brewery.  We hope you will come, enjoy a beer, meet new friends and learn about our Glen Lake past.  Next month's newsletter will provide the details.  

A Look Back in Time...

What was medicine like in Victorian times?

  • Home remedies were used

  • Children were given morphine for coughs

  • Oil of earthworm were used for bruises

  • An Everlasting Pill (made of a toxic metal) was swallowed to induce vomiting and diarrhea thus removing the "bad" humors causing illness.

  • Then the pill was retrieved from the feces and used again and again by the family.

  • Blood letting and plasters were also used...

What's Next


1.  The Burwell Holiday Tea in December was a hit. There were 261 people who attended.  The House was dazzling with a Victorian Tree and lots of decorations.  We shared a tea in the Burwell Cottage.  The generous guests donated over $250 to the Historical Society and several new memberships.


2.  A new water color painting of the House is now hanging in the dining room that was donated by the Mac Donald Family.  It is lovely.  

3.  We are reorganizing the Museum and eliminating the storage unit we have been using.  We will be highlighting some new items too.   You should stop by this summer to see the renovated space.

4.  If you would like to arrange a special tour of the Burwell House for your organization, you can call City Hall and talk to Moranda Dammann.

5.  Again let us know if you have ideas for special programs the Historical Society can arrange.  We are interested in knowing what interests you.

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