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Become a member of the
Minnetonka Historical Society!

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The Historical Society is always looking for other history-lovers to join our membership supporters group. Going strong at around 300 members now, your donation to the society helps support & preserve history.
It gives us funding for preservation and renovation projects throughout the area, and also helps to contribute to the expense of the yearly events we invite you to be involved in, which are free of charge. It covers expenses to maintain the grounds of the historic areas of Minnetonka, like the wonderful Burwell House.


History happens everyday, and as we move forward, we create our own. Help us to preserve history as far back as we possibly can, by contributing to the Historical Society.
Be a part of history, before it becomes... History!


With your support, you will receive the semi-annual Historical Society newsletter, "The Millwheel." You will be kept up to date with Society events and happenings in and around Minnetonka, and have a 'voice' in preserving Minnetonka's Past.

Join us today and do your part to preserve the history of our community. And with your membership, receive our newsletters and a complimentary Minnetonka Mills History book!

To donate & support, in other amounts,

go to our Secure Online Store by clicking the button.  (sorry under construction)

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